we help contractors and insurers build effective partnerships

Our Mission

Our purpose is to help restoration contractors add value to their service offer to insurance companies. Our goal is to bring collaboration and sustainable performance to the industry. We work with contractors and insurance companies to identify and develop capabilities by focussing on strategy, performance, and value.

Why use Shaal Consulting?

We work off a simple concept: People trust experience, commitment, and integrity. These are the essential ingredients of a successful partnership. We draw on our extensive experience in the industry and take pride in our reputation as a knowledgeable and trusted partner. Our nationwide contacts and strong relationships with key decision makers enable us to identify opportunities and create collaborative solutions quickly and effectively. We deliver results by leveraging resources, sharing knowledge, and creating structured programs.

When you become a Shaal Consulting client, you get value that extends well beyond the project you hire us for. We become your partner in success. We include you in new initiatives, we keep you updated with industry news, and we function as a key reference point for counsel.

Reputation, accountability, and reliability matter.