transparency, collaboration, and sustainable benefits are our objectives

How we work

Getting started

Our first meeting is usually an informal discussion to assess what results you want. This also gives you the opportunity to evaluate our approach to providing our services.

Working together

Our discussions will result in a Proposal. This will describe what you want to change and what value the result will bring you. We will also agree how you'll assess the achievement of agreed results. The Proposal will contain available options, if any are available, and will outline the scheduling of the Project. The Proposal will also describe how we will collaborate to achieve success and will explain fees and payment terms.


We bill fees and out-of-pocket expenses such as meals, hotels, user-paid parking, and personal mileage. If the Project requires hiring additional people, we will inform you in advance and include this cost in our Proposal. Air travel is booked in economy class subject to scheduling and seat availability. Hotel accommodation is booked to match your company standard, and personal mileage is charged per kilometre.

Advance fee

It is our practice to collect 33% of the total fees up front and the balance is payable along with expenses at the end of the Project or prior if so agreed.