we will bring focus and purpose to your strategic plans

The opportunity

Most insurers operate preferred vendor programs. These programs tend to focus on tactical matters such as price control and service indicators. They seldom address strategic direction or cost control and rarely create measurable value for the policyholder. They almost always operate with little input from vendors.

Many restoration contractors operate without a clear business strategy that differentiates them from their competitors. Predictably, their customers (direct or via insurance companies) determine their value on price alone. This failure to define, develop, and deploy capabilities is a significant strategic lapse.

There’s a significant gap in informed interaction between insurers and contractors. Yet insurers demand (and contractors promise) sustainable, value-driven services that balance high quality and operational efficiency with fair cost. There is little measurable data to support this model.

The industry continues to operate on a narrow tactical scale. The result is continual conflict, poor performance, and the absence of value.

The solution
Our consulting services benefit insurers and restoration contractors who want to strategically assess their needs and capabilities and develop or expand their service offer. They understand that focussing on price alone ultimately destroys value for the end customer – shareholders and policyholders.

The result
By learning to rely on comprehensive strategies instead of job-specific tactics, our clients operate collaborative programs that make them partners of choice. They stand out as professionals in an industry packed with opportunistic amateurs who are unable to offer value in the complex environment of insurance.

Your success lies in clearly articulated, carefully planned, and successfully deployed collaborative partnerships.